Kochi Prefecture has a variety of transportation facilities such as city buses, old-style streetcars / trams, and an extensive railroad network throughout the prefecture. You can travel around Kochi Prefecture conveniently and pleasantly by taking advantage of these various means of transportation.

  • Rail

    Kochi Prefecture has many distinctive trains such as the slowest shinkansen train and a trolley train on the Shikoku Railway lines, and trains with open decks running on local lines. The ALL SHIKOKU Rail Pass gives you access to unlimited travel on trains and buses of six transportation companies in Shikoku.
  • Tram

    Streetcar / Tram
    The streetcars / trams in Kochi Prefecture are ranked top in Japan in terms of their longest history (inaugurated in 1904), longest distance (25.3 km) and shortest station interval (63 meters). A tourist-friendly one-day ticket is also available on streetcars / trams.
  • Bus

    Various types of bus run in Kochi Prefecture, such as airport buses linking Kochi Ryoma Airport and the center of Kochi City, route buses connecting the entire prefecture and the MY Yu Bus service to major sightseeing spots in Kochi City for tourists. MY Yu Bus is a convenient sightseeing bus ticket that gives you access to unlimited travel, and foreign tourists get a 50% discount simply by showing their passports. Please take advantage of this wonderful offer.
  • Ferry

    Sukumo Ferry Corp. operates ferries connecting Sukumo in western Kochi and Saiki in Oita Prefecture in about three hours, the only sea route linking Kochi and the westernmost main island of Kyushu. Why not enjoy a cruise in a leisurely fashion?
    *Service currently suspended.
  • Airplane

    Kochi Ryoma Airport in Nankoku links Kochi with Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. By combining such big cities with a sojourn to Kochi, you can make your trip to Japan much more meaningful than conventional.
  • Taxi

    Taxis can take you to your destination most surely and easily even if you are visiting Kochi for the first time. Kochi has many taxi drivers who have passed customer service and tourism knowledge examinations. They can communicate with you in the spirit of “omotenashi” (hospitality).
  • Car rental

    By using a rental car, you can travel around Kochi without worrying too much about time and cost. Please enjoy the scenery around you and drive carefully by occasionally taking a break.