Point.1 : Relax with a trip on a houseboat along the Shimanto River, Japan’s last clear river.
Point.2 : Over 70 species of dragonfly live in Shimanto City’s Dragonfly Nature Park, the world’s first dragonfly reserve.
Point.3 : Enjoy sugary watermelon and melon at Nishijima Flower Garden.
Activity time11:40 〜 18:00
Stay in Kochi City

IN:From Okayama/Takamatsu
■ From Okayama City <via Seto Bridge>→Ritsurin Garden (about 4 hours 20 minutes)
■ Iya Onsen→Vine Bridge→Oboke Gorge River Rafting (about 3 hours 50 minutes)
111:40~12:40Hirome Market(Lunch)

With many cheap and tasty menus this is Kochi’s kitchen. Enjoy Kochi’s unique local gourmet while mixing with local residents.

About a 10-minute walk
212:50~14:00Kochi Castle
This famous castle is the only one in Japan to have all the buildings in the defense section still standing. (Opening time 9:00)
About a 40-minute drive
314:40~15:20Nishijima Flower Garden
You can eat delicious melon and watermelon, and go shopping! (From Jan-June you can go strawberry picking).
About a 30-minute drive
415:50~16:50Makino Botanical Garden
Enjoy beautiful flowers across all seasons at the Makino Botanical Garden.
A short walk
516:50~17:20Chikurin-ji Temple
Chikurin-ji Temple is the 31st temple on the Shikoku Pilgrimage. It is one of Kochi’s top three beautiful gardens, and its five story pagoda is a must see!
About a 20~30-minute drive
17:50Stay in Kochi City(Dinner)
Activity time8:40 〜 14:00
To Matsuyama/Dogo Onsen

8:40Kochi City
About a 60~70-minute drive
9:50Michinoeki Aguri Kubokawa
About a 60-minute drive
110:50~11:50Shimanto City Dragonfly Nature Park
Established as the world’s first dragonfly reserve, you can see seasonal flowers blossom through out the year and dragonflies flying around.
About a 10-minute drive
212:00~12:50Shimanto City(Lunch)

We recommend the
“Shimanto Eel Cuisine”
Shimanto Eels

About a 20-minute drive
313:10~14:00Shimanto River Sightseeing Boat
Go sightseeing in a houseboat down Japan’s last clear river. Enjoy the beautiful nature from aboard the boat. (April-Sept 8:00~, Oct-March 9:00~)
Out : To Matsuyama/Dogo Onsen
About a 3-hour drive(Please take the National Route 56)