Point.1:Marvel at the wonder of nature with “Sugi-no-Osugi” (Japanese Ceder) and the “Ryuga Cave”,one of Japan’s three largest limestone caves.
Point.2:Experience Japanese culture at the Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto.
Point.3:Make memories stargazing and taking a trip on a glass boat.
Activity time12:00 〜 17:35
Stay in Kochi City

IN:From Okayama and Takamatsu
■ About 5 hours From Kansai International Airport.
■ About 2 hours 30 minutes From Okayama Airport.
■ About 2 hours From Takamatsu Airport.
12:00Otoyo IC
About a 10-minute drive
12:10Otoyo Town(Lunch)

We recommend the highly popular local restaurant

About a 10-minute drive
The giant cedar trees in which Kochi takes great pride. A power spot where nature and tradition meet.
About a 40-minute drive(Otoyo IC〜Nankoku IC)
214:05~15:15Nishijima Flower Garden
You can eat delicious melon and watermelon, and go shopping! (From Jan-June you can go strawberry picking).
About a 20-minute drive
315:35~16:35Ryuga Cave
A marvel of nature! A 4km long cave made from natural limestone. You can also see Japan’s special natural treasures “Onagadori” there.
About a 60-minute drive
417:35Stay in Kochi City(Dinner)
If you plan to stay over in Kochi City, we recommend you have dinner in the symbol of Kochi’s food culture “Hirome Market”.
Activity time8:40 〜 18:10
Stay in Ashizuri Onsen

8:40Kochi City
About a 10〜20-minute drive
19:00~10:10Kochi Castle
This famous castle is the only one in Japan to have all the buildings in the defense section still standing. (Opening time 9:00)
About a 60〜70-minute drive(Ino IC〜Shimantocho-chuo IC)
11:20~12:10Shimanto Town(Lunch)

We recommend the
“Shimanto Pork Dish”
Shimanto pork

About a 30〜40-minute drive
212:50~13:40Kaiyodo Hobby Museum Shimanto
Come and observe the modeling technology for figurines which Japan takes pride in! Children will also enjoy it.
About a 80-minute drive
315:00~15:20Iwama Submersible Bridge
Treasure of Shimanto River, this bridge has no rails! Cars can also travel across it.
It is parallel to the clear Shimanto River. Enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.
<<National highway 381 and route 441>>
About a 30-minute drive
415:50~16:40Shimanto River Sightseeing Boat
Go sightseeing in a houseboat down Japan’s last clear river. Enjoy the beautiful nature from aboard the boat. (April-Sept 8:00〜, Oct-March 9:00〜)
About a 80〜90-minute drive
18:10Stay in Ashizuri Onsen(Dinner)
Onsen(Hot spring) surrounded by nature.
※Night:You can enjoy stargazing from the beach.
Activity time8:30 〜 13:20
To Matsuyama/Dogo Onsen

8:30Ashizuri Onsen
About a 20〜30-minute drive
19:00~10:00Remains of Tojin-daba
A power spot where 7 meter giant rocks are gathered closely together like a giant maze.
About a 40-minute drive
210:40~11:40Tatsukushi Natural Marine Park Glass Boat
Enjoy Kochi’s beautiful ocean and the underwater, strangely shaped rocks formed by nature.
About a 40〜50-minute drive
12:30~13:20Tosashimizu City(Lunch)

We recommend the
“John Mung Tataki bowl”

Out : To Matsuyama/Dogo Onsen
About a 3-and-a-half-hour drive
(National Route 56 use)