“Enjoy Western Kochi” Course

All Season
This recommended route includes the Shimanto River -- Japan’s last remaining limpid stream -- and a white lighthouse that commands a stunning panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.
Activity time11:00 〜 15:20
Overnight stay in Kuroshio Town

11:00Kochi Ryoma Airport
Kochi Airport, the air gateway to Kochi Prefecture, has also been popularly known since 2003 as Kochi Ryoma Airport named after Sakamoto Ryoma, a great historical figure from Kochi Prefecture.
About a 2-hour drive
13:00~15:00Experience searing bonito on burning straw and have lunch at Kuroshio Ichibankan in Saga-aza-Kaiunji, Kuroshio Town, Hata County.
You can have the unique experience of quickly searing a filleted whole bonito over burning straw and eating its sliced meat for lunch, sharing a taste that local fishermen regularly enjoy.
About a 20-minute drive
Overnight stay in Kuroshio Town
Activity time8:30 〜 16:30
Overnight stay in Ashizuri hot-spa village

8:30Kuroshio Town
About a 30-minute drive
9:00~10:30Experience producing “tenpi-en” (solar salt) at Salt Bee (90 minutes).
You can experience the whole process of making salt from water from the sea just in front of the Salt Bee facility, using only natural energy -- solar heat and wind. This salt that contains various minerals is the perfect souvenir of your trip to Kochi.
About a 90-minute drive
12:00~13:00Boat cruise on Shimanto River (1 hour) & lunch
Several companies operate excursion boats in the Shimanto River basin, and offer different tastes.
About a 30-minute drive
13:30~15:30Shopping at Sunriver Shimanto (duty-free shops) & sightseeing
Various souvenir items and miscellaneous goods made in Kochi Prefecture, mainly traditional sweets and specialty goods produced in Shimanto City, are on sale at the Sunriver Shimanto shopping mall.
About a 1-hour drive
Overnight stay in Ashizuri hot-spa village
This is a scenic hot-spa resort that commands a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. You can enjoy taking a hot-spring bath and eating tasty Kochi seafood while feeling the salty scent from the sea.
Activity time9:00 〜 18:00
Kochi Ryoma Airport

9:00Ashizuri hot spa area
About a 1-hour drivee
10:00~15:00Sightseeing around Cape Ashizuri & lunch
Cape Ashizuri is a famous and popular tourist spot in Kochi Prefecture. There are many scenic spots around the cape that have geographical features unique to the southernmost area of Shikoku. In particular, an observation deck at the cape commands a stunning panoramic view.
<Recommended sightseeing spots>
Cape Ashizuri~Tatsukushi beach~Minokoshi beach~glass-bottomed boat~Ashizuri Kaiteikan Underwater Observatory~Kochi Prefectural Ashizuri Kaiyokan Aquarium, etc.
About a 3-hour drive
Kochi Ryoma Airport