“Enjoy Eastern Kochi” Course

All Season
This is a recommended plan to tour a global geopark and cultural assets Kochi Prefecture boasts.
Activity time11:00 〜 18:00
Overnight stay in Aki City

11:00Kochi Ryoma Airport
Kochi Airport, the air gateway to Kochi Prefecture, has also been popularly known since 2003 as Kochi Ryoma Airport named after Sakamoto Ryoma, a great historical figure from Kochi Prefecture.
About a 15-minute drive
11:15~12:30Ekin Museum
The Ekin Museum displays shibai-e, or paintings depicting stage dramas, by noted ukiyo-e artist Hirose Kinzo (Ekin) who was active in the 1800s, among other exhibits.
About a 30-minute drive
13:00~15:00Sightseeing in Aki City (Farmer’s Clock tower, Doikachu street/old samurai residences, Iokido cave, etc.), lunch
You can enjoy townscapes that show the history of Aki while taking a walk or traveling on a bicycle you can rent in the city.
About a 1-hour drive
16:00~17:00Umaji Village Agricultural Cooperative’s Yuzu-no-mori
You can see the assembly line and packing of “Gokkun Umaji-mura,” a bottled drink flavored by “yuzu” (lemon-like Japanese citrus) that has been a big hit and is well known as a beverage officially certified by the Umaji Municipal Government.
About a 1-hour drive
Overnight stay in Aki City
Activity time9:00 〜 17:10
Overnight stay in Muroto

9:00Aki City
About a 30-minute drive
9:30~11:30Experience producing “tenpi-en” (solar salt) by exposing sea water to sunlight and wind (2 hours).
You can see and experience the whole process of making tenpi-en (solar salt) using only natural energy -- solar heat and wind -- in Tano Town, Aki County.
About a 15-minute drive
11:45~14:15Kitagawa Village "Monet’s Garden" Marmottan & lunch
Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France, well known as a place that fascinated impressionist artist Claude Monet, has been replicated as Kitagawa Village "Monet’s Garden" Marmottan. It is the world’s only facility that is allowed to use the name “Monet’s Garden.” The blue water lilies that grow in the garden are a must-see attraction.
About a 40-minute drive
15:00~17:00Searest Muroto
You can refresh yourself both physically and mentally by swimming in a functional pool filled with deep-sea water rich in mineral content, as well as bathing in an open-air bath and a whirlpool bath, at the Searest Muroto thalassotherapy facility.
About a 10-minute drive
Overnight stay in Muroto
Activity time9:00 〜 16:30
Kochi Ryoma Airport

9:00Muroto City
About a 10-minute drive
9:15~13:30Muroto Global Geopark & lunch
Dynamic topographic features, colonies of subtropical plants…this is a place where you can feel history woven by the people and the land.
About a 15-minute drive
13:45~15:00Stroll along Kiragawa streets
The area is known for preserving age-old structures of the town that thrived on the Tosa brand of high-grade “bincho” charcoal by taking advantage of mild weather.
About a 90-minute drive
16:30Kochi Ryoma Airport