This is a travel plan in which you can experience the history, traditions and natural blessings of Kochi while touring its leading tourist spots.
Activity time11:00 〜 17:00
Stay overnight in Kochi City

11:00Kochi Ryoma Airport
Kochi Airport, the air gateway to Kochi, has also been popularly known since 2003 as Kochi Ryoma Airport named after Sakamoto Ryoma, a great historical figure from Kochi.
About a 20-minute airport limousine bus ride
11:20~12:20Harimaya Bridge, lunch
There is a marionette clock to the east of Harimaya Bridge. Artificial figures in the shape of Kochi Castle, Yosakoi Festival, Katsurahama Beach and Harimaya Bridge appear from four sides of the clock to perform every hour to the tune of a traditional Yosakoi folk song.
About a 50-minute “My Yu Bus” ride
13:10~14:10Katsurahama Beach
This is one of the most scenic spots in Kochi where the statue of Sakamoto Ryoma stands as if he were viewing the splendor of the Pacific Ocean.
About a 30-minute “My Yu Bus” ride
14:40~15:40Makino Botanical Garden
This is one of the leading botanical gardens in Japan dedicated to Dr. Tomitaro Makino, a world-renowned botanist from Kochi.
A short walk
15:40~16:40Chikurin-ji Temple
This is one of the 88 temples associated with Buddhist monk Kobo Daishi on Shikoku Island. You are recommended to see the five-story pagoda – the only structure of its kind in Kochi – and the garden which is designated by the central government as a place of scenic beauty.
About a 20-minute “My Yu Bus” ride
Stay overnight in Kochi City
Activity time9:00 〜 17:40
Stay overnight in Kochi City

9:00Kochi City
About a 1-hour drive
10:00~11:00Niyodo River:Houseboat cruising
Riding on a sightseeing houseboat, you can see the so-called “Niyodo blue,” the azure water color of the Niyodo River that boasts the best water quality in Japan, right before your eyes.
About a 20-minute drive
11:30~14:30Experience making “Tosa washi” Japanese paper (1 hour), lunch
The Tosa brand of high-quality "washi" (Japanese paper) handmade in Kochi Prefecture has a history of more than 1,000 years. It has been designated by the central government as traditional craftwork and is being produced in areas including Tosa City and Ino Town.
About a 50-minute drive
15:30~17:00Ryuga Cave
This is one of the three major calcareous caves in Japan. You can take either an ordinary route or an adventure route.
About a 40-minute drive
Stay overnight in Kochi City
Activity time10:00 〜 14:15
Kochi Ryoma Airport

10:00Kochi City
About a 30-minute drive
10:30~14:00Nishijima Flower Garden (fruit picking), lunch
Here you can eat strawberries, melons and watermelons as well as picking fruits in season in the nursery where a variety of tropical flowers and trees grow.
About a 15-minute drive
Kochi Ryoma Airport