1-Day Trip Winter Course

This is a travel plan in which you can enjoy the warm winter of Kochi Prefecture, viewing splendid landscapes, taking a hot-spring bath and having local cuisine such as a hot-pot dish to feel refreshed both physically and mentally.
Activity time8:00 〜 19:30
Stay overnight in Kochi City

8:00Kochi City
About a 1.5-hour drive
19:30~11:00Experience a day trip to a spa resort
There are hot-spring facilities where you can refresh your mind and body.
About a 30-minute drive
211:30~13:00Stroll and have lunch on Kiragawa streets (designated as an important traditional building preservation area)
This is a historically fascinating area that retains age-old structures built when the town thrived on the Tosa brand of high-grade charcoal produced by taking advantage of mild weather.
About a 30-minute drive
314:00~16:30Muroto Global Geopark
Dynamic topographic features, colonies of subtropical plants…this is a place where you can feel history woven by the people and the land.
A short drive
416:30~17:00Sunset mirage, Muroto Misaki Port
The region’s sunset mirage is a mysterious phenomenon seen in winter. It looks like a snowman (yuki-daruma in Japanese) when the setting sun is reflected on the surface of the sea. (There are days when it cannot be observed due to weather conditions.)
About a 1-hour drive
518:00~19:00Nankoku City: “Gomen shamo” chicken dish
Recommended for a dinner is “shamo-nabe,” or “shamo” (chicken) cooked and served in a pot, which is said to have been a favorite dish of Sakamoto Ryoma, a great historical figure from Kochi Prefecture. Also delicious is “shamo sukiyaki,” which won first prize in a competition in the prefecture for best local dishes.
About a 30-minute drive
Stay overnight in Kochi City