1-Day Trip Spring Course

In this travel plan, you can fully enjoy a lively spring in Kochi Prefecture, viewing cherry blossoms that bloom earlier than in any other prefecture except Okinawa. In addition, you can have a hands-on experience at a special facility of the so-called “Yosakoi Naruko Odori” dance, which is performed during Kochi’s major summer festival.
Activity time10:00 〜 16:00
Stay in Kochi City

10:00JR Kochi Station
This is the gateway to the land of Kochi Prefecture. Please stop at “Tosa Terrace,” a tourist information hall in the station filled with useful information on sightseeing spots, local specialties in season and other attractions.
About a 10-minute streetcar / tram ride
110:15~11:30Kochi Park: View cherry blossoms, visit Kochi Castle
The park is a popular photo spot because visitors can capture both the Otemon (main) Gate and Kochi Castle in a single shot. Views from the castle tower are also recommended.
A short walk
211:30~13:00Hirome Market: Have lunch, stroll in the market
Kochi is the biggest bonito-consuming prefecture in Japan, and seared bonito fillets using fresh bonito roasted over a rice straw-fueled fire is excellent. You can also buy and eat other dishes that are unique to Kochi Prefecture.
A short walk
13:00~13:30Stroll in the Obiya-machi shopping arcade (good for buying souvenirs)
This is one of the major shopping streets in Kochi City where you can conveniently find the souvenirs of your choice.
A short walk
313:30~14:00Short break at Harimaya Bridge, Harimaya Bridge Park
There is a marionette clock to the east of Harimaya Bridge. Artificial figures in the shape of Kochi Castle, Yosakoi dancers, Katsurahama Beach and Harimaya Bridge appear from four sides of the clock every hour to the tune of a traditional Yosakoi folk song. This is a good place for visitors to take a short break.
A short walk
414:00~15:00Kochi Yosakoi Information Exchange Center: Experience making traditional “naruko” bird clappers and have commemorative pictures taken of yourself clad in traditional costume.
This is a facility where visitors can go through the history of the “Yosakoi Festival,” the summer festival that represents Kochi Prefecture, and experience performing the “Yosakoi Naruko Odori” dance. Here visitors can enjoy the summer atmosphere of Kochi Prefecture ahead of time.
A short walk
515:00~16:00Cherry-blossom viewing along Horikawa River
A row of cherry blossom trees stretches eastward along the Horikawa River from the area in front of Kochi City Cultural Plaza CUL-PORT.