7-Day Shikoku Trip by Train via Osaka

All Seasons
Kansai International Airport -> Shin-Osaka Station -> Okayama Station -> Takamatsu Station
1 Kansai International Airport

50min train ride
Kansai International Airport Rapid Express Haruka

2Shin-Osaka Station

50min train ride
Sanyo Shinkansan (Nozomi / Mizuho / Sakura etc.)

3Okayama Station

1hr train ride
JR Seto-Ohashi Line (Rapid Marine Liner) etc.

4Takamatsu Station     Stay in Takamatsu City
Takamatsu Station -> Ritsurin Garden -> Takamatsu Station -> Kotohira Station -> Konpira Shrine -> Kotohira Station -> Kochi Station -> Hirome Market
1Takamatsu Station

5min train ride
JR Kotoku Line Local Train

2Ritsurin Garden North Entrance
3Ritsurin Garden
The Ritsurin Garden is the largest of gardens designated a Special Place of Scenic Beauty in Japan.
The garden boasts an incredible view of the lush green Mt. Shiun, as well as 6 ponds and 13 miniature mountains.
The Ritsurin Garden, a favored excursion destination since Edo times, has been beautifully designed, elegantly incorporating trees and rocks into the scenery.
4Ritsurin Garden North Entrance

5min train ride
JR Kotoku Line Local Train

5Takamatsu Station

1hr train ride
JR Yosan Line / Dosan Line (Rapid Sun Port or Rapid Express Shimanto)

6Kotohira Station
About a 30min walk
7Kotohira-gu Shrine
The Kotohira-gu Shrine is the main site dedicated to Omononushi no Kami, who has been worshipped since ancient times as a deity of the ocean.
This shrine is famous for its long sets of stone steps
(785 leading up to the shrine and 1,368 continuing inside,)
its nationally-designated important cultural assets, and the various works of art on display.
About a 30min walk
8Kotohira Station

1hr 40min train ride
JR Dosan Line (Limited Express Nanpu/Limited Express Shimanto)

9Kochi Station
About a 20min walk
10Hirome Market
This market is more like a "Food-stand Village" with over 60 shops such as restaurants serving the best local food, bustling fishmongers and sundries shops with plenty of character.
This is the place to go for a taste of Tosa's unique atmosphere!
11Stay in Kochi City
Kochi Station -> Akaoka Station -> The Ekin Museum -> Akaoka Station -> Nahari Station -> Monet's Garden Marmottan -> Nahari Station -> Kochi Station
1Kochi Station

40min train ride
JR Dosan Line / Tosa Kuroshio Railway

2Akaoka Station
About a 10min walk
3Ekin Museum
A former granary was reconstructed into a beautiful museum to show off the famous works of Ekin, a celebrated painter of the late Edo period. Two of his 23 works are always on display,viewable through peepholes in the wall. (The paintings shown change every month.)
About a 10min walk
4Akaoka Station

50min train ride
JR Dosan Line / Tosa Kuroshio Railway

5Nahari Station

10min bus ride
Kitagawa Village Bus

6Kitagawa Village "Monet's Garden" Marmottan
Giverny is a village in northern France where the famous impressionist painter Claude Monet lived and worked.
Within Giverny were his many gardens,
and here in Kochi we have Monet's Garden Marmottan which is the only reconstructed garden in the world to be recognized as a true garden of Monet.

10min bus ride
Kitagawa Village Bus

7Nahari Station

1hr 30min train ride
JR Dosan Line / Tosa Kuroshio Railway

8Kochi Station, Stay in Kochi City
Kochi Station -> Tosa-Kure Station -> Kuretaisho-machi Market -> Tosa-Kure Station -> Nakamura Station -> Shimanto River Basin Cycling
1Kochi Station

1hr train ride
JR Dosan Line (Limited Express Nanpu / Shimanto / Ashizuri)

2Tosa-Kure Station
About a 5min walk
3Kure Taisho Town Market
For over 100 years, the Kuretaisho-machi Market has been lovingly referred to as the "local kitchen."
The market really gets interesting when local fishermen load up their shops with the fresh catch of the day at 11AM.,
Visitors get to experience an authentic local market.
If you're having trouble deciding what to eat, then may we suggest the Kure-don; a seafood dish brimming with a luxurious amount of fresh toppings.
About a 5min walk
4Tosa-Kure Station

1hr train ride
JR Dosan Line (Limited Express Nanpu / Shimanto / Ashizuri)

5Nakamura Station
6Shimanto River Basin Cycling
The Shimanto River Basin will make your heart soar!
Take a scenic bike ride through Nakamura, a Kyoto-esque village, or one of its low-water crossing bridges.
Kick back and relax as you watch the clear water of the Shimanto River flow by.
1hr of cycling
7Stay in Shimanto City
Nakamura Station -> Kubokawa Station -> Uwajima Station -> Nanrakuen -> Uwajima Station -> Matsuyama Station -> Dogo Onsen
1Nakamura Station

40min train ride
Tosa Kuroshio Railway
(Limited Express Nanpu / Limited Express Ashizuri)

2Kubokawa Station

2hr train ride
Tosa Kuroshio Railway / JR Yodo Line / JR Yosan Line

3Uwajima Station

40min bus ride
Uwajima Bus (Headed for Fukuura)

Nanrakuen is Shikoku's greatest garden which showcases the finest art in modern landscape gardening.
Nanrakuen, listed among the Top 100 Urban Parks in Japan, amazes visitors with its beautiful scenery revolving around the theme: "Mountains, Countryside, Towns and Sea.
" This will be your chance to experience Japan's seasonal beauty first-hand!

40min bus ride
Uwajima Bus

5Uwajima Station

1hr 30min train ride
JR Yosan Line (Limited Express Uwakai)

6Matsuyama Station
30min train ride
7Stay at Dogo Onsen
Dogo Onsen is one of Japan's oldest hot springs.
Built like a wooden castle, with a main 3-floor building,
this historic public bathhouse is an important cultural heritage.
Botchan Train -> Matsuyama Castle -> Matsuyama Station -> Okayama Station -> Shin-Osaka Station
1Dogo Onsen

15min train ride
Botchan Train

About a 20min walk
3Matsuyama Castle
Only 12 castle towers built in or before
the Edo period still remain in Japan,
and Matsuyama Castle is one of them.
The castle, comprising of 21 buildings, is regarded as
important cultural heritage.
About a 20min walk

20min train ride

5Matsuyama Station

2hr 50min train ride
JR Yosan Line / JR Seto-Ohashi Line (Limited Express Shiokaze)

6Okayama Station
30min train ride
7Shin-Osaka Station, Stay in Osaka
Stroll through Osaka ->Kansai International Airport
1Stroll Through Osaka
2Kansai International Airport