Western Kochi is a nature-rich area popular for outdoor activities. Situated in this region are the Shimanto River, which is called Japan’s last remaining limpid stream; Cape Ashizuri, which commands a grand panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean; and the Tengu Highland, which becomes a skiing ground in winter. You can enjoy a variety of foods from the sea, mountains and rivers. This is a region to enjoy with your five senses.

Must-See Sights

“Hiburi-ryo” is a traditional fishing method in Kochi in which fishermen hit the surface of a river with rods under torchlight, surprise “ayu” sweetfish and chase them into a net set up in the river. Torch flames waving in the darkness are reflected on the surface of the river during the fishing. Such a summer feature can be seen in the Shimanto River, known as Japan’s last remaining limpid stream, and the Niyodo River, among other rivers in Kochi.

*Niyodagawa Kagura-to-Ayu-to-Sake-ni-You

Held in late September every year
Address:Hakawa Park (Hakawa, Ino Town)