Central Kochi is full of popular tourist spots, including the symbolic Kochi Castle, as well as the Sunday Market and the Hirome Market. If you travel a bit further, you will see the Niyodo River, known for its mysterious blue water, and find unique museums.
Start your tour of Kochi in the central part of the prefecture, which is the gateway to key local tourist spots, as Kochi Station and Kochi Ryoma Airport are situated in this area.

Must-See Sights

You can also experience paragliding in Kochi. A paraglider is a vehicle that will help your dreams of flying like a bird come true. It is a sky sport which lets you fly freely in the sky as if you had wings. You would need quite a bit of practice in order to be able to enjoy paragliding on your own. But if you paraglide in a two-seater with a professional, you will be able to enjoy an exhilarating flight from a hill surrounded by grand mountains with lush greenery. Sometimes, you can also take in a broad view of the Pacific Ocean, directly feel the changing seasons and have a bird’s-eye view of the landscape.

*Agawa Sky Park

Business hours:April to November / 10:00 - 17:00
Address:Kaminanokawa, Niyodogawa-cho
Access:110 minutes by car from JR Kochi Station
90 minutes by car from Ino IC
60 minutes by car from JR Sakawa Station
Price:Half-day course: 5,700+ yen
*Additional one-day area fee of 700 yen is charged.